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About my career in photography

I am an amateur photographer living in Montgomery County. I was the staff photographer for my college paper in Auckland, New Zealand. My early work also appeared in the NZ Herald’s Annual of Color Photographs of New Zealand and the South African Cape Times.


In 2011 my photograph of a great blue heron taken at Great Falls won second prize “Keep Montgomery County Beautiful” competition in the Montgomery County by Day” section. In 2013 my photograph of a pair of Northern Flickers in Bethesda won first prize, and in 2014 my picture of neighbors clearing snow won third prize in the same competition.

I was honored to provide the photographs in the gallery "A Journey Through Israel" for the 75th year celebrations at the Bender GW JCC Goldman Arts Galery in April and May 2023.


I have exhibited my work at the Kentland’s Mansion, the Activity Center at Bohrer Park and Glenview Mansion, as well as many print and digital exhibitions in cities around the world sponsored by GuruShots. My images have been selected in several competitions held by the Maryland Federation of Art.

The Audubon Society selected my image of a sharp shinned hawk to illustrate the species in the Field Guide, and my image of a female cardinal in the snow for their December bird in their 2014 annual calendar.


Like many others, I graduated from photographing in black and white to the world of color digital photography using digital cameras. I now print my own pictures from my computer and color printer for presentation.


While many of the pictures I show on this website are presented essentially as photographed, several use Photoshop to create images that reveal the alternative potential that digital photography can offer. My use of digital techniques to enhance my photograph “The Red Room” was highlighted in Digital Outback Photo magazine in 2004.

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